On Tap Now

Our beers are constantly rotating.  We will do the best we can to keep this up to date so be sure to check back often to see what's on tap.

Wit You Say

Wit You Say?!

Belgian Wit

ABV 5.5%

10 IBU


A traditional Wit beer brewed with coriander and orange peel for a subtle sweetness and bright, citrus aroma.

Blarney Bros 2023

Blarney Brothers

Red Ale

ABV 5.3%

20 IBU

A traditional Red Ale brewed with a blend of caramel malts, munich, and a splash of rye. An easy drinking Red Ale with a toasted bready profile and a touch of caramel to round out the flavor
Ahhhroma Effect

Ahhhroma Effect

Hazy IPA

ABV 5.5%

40 IBU

We partnered with Glacier Hops Ranch to create a new Hazy IPA using one of their new Hop varieties.
Ahhhroma Hops: bold tropical notes of pineapple, pear, mango, stone fruit, and watermelon.
T-Press 2022


Pastry Stout

ABV 8.0%

30 IBU

This Pastry Stout was brewed as a collaboration with our friends at T-Rex Cookies and Folly Coffee. We brewed this up with Chocolate Chip, Salted Caramel, Caramel Chocolate Chip, Chocolate Chocolate Chip, and caramel Oreo cookies; equating to over 100 pounds of cookies from T-Rex along with 5 gallons of cold press coffee from Folly Coffee Roasters. Black as night, a tan head, and bold aromas of coffee, chocolate, and cookies leads into a silky rich mouthfeel. It’s like how T-Rex Cookies says it #SizeMatters
Nut Goodie

Pearson's Nut Goodie

Milk Stout

ABV 5.0%

23 IBU

 We brewed this batch with 100 pounds of Pearson’s Nut Goodie cluster bars with a unique combination of real milk chocolate, creamy maple nougat, and fresh roasted peanuts. Then, we tossed in a bag of lactose. Finally, we finished it with 15 gallons of liquified Cocoa Nibs and 10 gallons of local maple syrup. Enjoy!

Barrel Aged Horror of the Shade 2022

Imperial Stout

ABV 8.1%

60 IBU

Beyond this place of wrath and tears looms but the Whiskey Barrel Aged Horror of the Shade. Black as the deepest pits of the underworld, softened by smooth dark chocolate and roasted malt notes hovering on the palate blended with the flavors of Whiskey and Oak. I am now the master of my fate: the captain of my soul.

Horror of the Shade 2022

Imperial Stout

ABV 9.0%

60 IBU

Horror of the Shade is black as night with a deep, silky, smooth body and dark roasted malts to add notes of chocolate and coffee. Be careful walking in the woods on a dark night for you might find the Horror Of The Shade!
Citra SMaSH Down

Citra SMaSH Down


ABV 6.0%

60 IBU

Coming in at 365 grams in a 12 oz can CITRA SMASH DOWN! Stepping into the ring you’ll be hit with aromas of grapefruit, melon and peach. The Citra Hops will hit your palate like a metal chair, slamming you with the flavor of citra and the 60 IBU’s will SMaSH your palate onto the mat.


James (Maple Pecan)

Brown Ale

ABV 6.0%

25 IBU

JAMES Brown Ale is our most anticipated beer of the year, so sit down, strap in, and get ready for a flavor ride. Starting with 200 pounds of stone-ground pecan butter. Add in 10 gallons of local maple syrup and enjoy the ride! Boom!

Fresa Buena

Fresa Buena

Strawberry Blonde Ale

ABV 3.5%

¡Con el lanzamiento de nuestra Strawberry Blonde Ale es una clara señal de que el verano ha llegado! Vierte un tono dorado pálido. En la nariz hace estallar fresa, cítricos y maltas dulces. En el paladar, su malta crujiente, dulce y fresa te harán volver sorbo tras sorbo.
With the release of our Strawberry Blonde Ale it’s a clear sign that summer has arrived! Pours a pale golden hue. On the nose it pops strawberry, citrus fruit, and sweet malts. On the palate its crisp malty, sweet, and strawberry will have you come back sip after sip.
hazy crazy ipazy

Hazy Crazy IPAzy

New England IPA

ABV 6.0%

IBU 60

This Hazy is perfectly blended with Jarrylo, Amarillo, and Vic Secret hops. Loaded in the mash of Oats, Wheat, and some tasty specialty malts! A light hazy orange hue meets a soft pillowy head as the juice starts to coat the palate in a Crazy storm of citrus, mango flesh, and pineapple!




Listening Through Static

Hazy Pale Ale

ABV 4.5%

IBU 42

Hazy Pale Ale with an orange juice like appearance and a thick white head. Aromas of fresh lime, lemon, grapefruit zest, and ripe melon lend way to a soft pillowy mouthfeel followed by juicy hops. All late kettle additions include Cashmere, Citra, and Mosaic hops.

beautiful buzz

Beautiful Buzz

Blonde Ale

ABV 4.0%

IBU 25

Brewed with Pale Two Row, Wheat, Caramel, and Honey malts. Then lightly Hopped with Galena and Wakatu. To Fun It Up, a late kettle addition of Lemon Peel steeped in its own juice and local Honey from Bar Bell Bee Ranch. With high aromatics of citrus notes.



American IPA

ABV 5.5%

IBU 70

Crystal and Vienna malts give this IPA a slight bready sweetness that is balanced with some citrus and slight dank notes from Amarillo and Simcoe hops.

Blaine It On the Rain

Blaine It On The Rain

Amber Ale

ABV 5.5%

IBU 25

Malty sweetness along with notes of caramel, toffee and slightly bready notes start off this classic Amber. Brewed with 2-Row, Crystal, Munich and a touch of Black Malt for color with just enough hops for balance.



Hop Water


 A refreshing, non-alcoholic, hop-inspired sparkling water, loaded with El Dorado hops to create a bright, IPA-esque beverage that is perfect for anybody and any occasion. Stay hoppy and stay hydrated.

Alma - Strawberry Lemonade - Paul

Alma Hard Seltzer - Strawberry Lemonade

4.8% ABV

Relax and soak up the taste of summer with Alma Hard Seltzers. Our Strawberry Lemonade Seltzer is the perfect blend of fruity strawberry and lemon citrus to bring you the taste of summer with every sip. Gear up for good times with the bright taste of a Strawberry Lemonade!

Apple Shine

Apple Shine

Apple Ale

ABV 6.0%

Dry, crisp, tart, and effervescent. Made with McIntosh apples from Michigan. All ingredients are gluten free!

(disclosure: although all the ingredients are gluten-free, this beer was made on equipment that regularly comes in contact with gluten-containing ingredients).

Apple Guava 2022

Apple Shine Guava

Apple Ale

ABV 6.0%

A Delightfully handcrafted hard Cider Ale. Aromas of a Sweet Tropical Candy Bliss with Guava, Peach, White Grape and a hint of Tart Apple on the finish. All ingredients are gluten free!

(disclosure: although all the ingredients are gluten-free, this beer was made on equipment that regularly comes in contact with gluten-containing ingredients).

Coming Back Soon

We try to keep up with you guys, but it seems like you love our beer.  We keep running out of certain styles of beer, but if you keep drinking it, we'll keep making it.  Unfortunately, yeast only works so fast.  These beers are currently not on tap, but will be coming back just as soon as we can make it.