• What does ‘Invictus’ mean/stand for?

The word ‘invictus’ means ‘unconquerable’ in latin. The name is inspired by the poem Invictus by William Ernest Henley. In short, we are here to celebrate the unconquerable human spirit., hence our catch phrase ‘Beer for the Unconquerable Soul’.

  • Can I bring my dog/pet?

Unfortunately we are not a dog friendly brewery. We ask that you leave your furry family members at home. Service dogs are more than welcome.

  • Are you guys “Kid Friendly”?

Yes. We are very kid friendly. We even encourage you to bring your children. We have many games for everyone to enjoy, as well as a lawn where we have a few corn hole setups. Since we host the Tipsy Steer for our food, there are a variety of hand crafted milkshakes for the younger ones to enjoy.

  • Is your place wheelchair accessible?

Yes. Both the indoor tap room and the outdoor patio are wheelchair accessible. Almost all of our tables are low tops both inside and outside. It is very easy to move chairs around, and the staff is more than willing to help move tables if need be.

  • Can I make a reservation?

We are a first come, first served type of place. As people are constantly coming and going, and often people standing and waiting for tables to open up, in the spirit of fairness those who are here receive the seats and tables. If you are looking to accommodate a larger party (30-60ppl) you can however reserve our private meeting room/adjoining patio.

  • How do I reserve the private meeting room?

The Tipsy Steer is in charge of all of the private party bookings. Please see their contact info below for questions and/or to book the room. There are minimums when reserving the room and their banquet menu makes it easier to feed a larger group of people. events@TipsySteer.com

  • Can I smoke on the patio?

We do not allow smoking or vaping in our establishment, including on the patio. We have a focus on health and safety not only for the environment, but of course also our customers.

  • Do you guys have Wifi?

Yes we have internet available for our guests. When you connect, it is called “Invictus Guest” and does not require a password.

  • Do you fill growlers?

Yes. We have our own 64oz glass growlers that are available for purchase and fill. We also fill growlers from other breweries as long as the growler is clean. And yes, we do fill stainless steel growlers.

  • Do you guys do donations?

Please refer to our “Donations” page for the requirements and to request a donation.

  • Do you guys have motorcycle parking?

As of right now, no. It is on our radar though. It has been tough enough already to accommodate just the car parking thus far.

  • How many beers do you have?

At first we were struggling to keep beer on tap because we did not anticipate being as busy as we were. As of right now, we have about 10 beers on tap. We plan on keeping around this amount of variety all year long. We will be doing seasonal beers so keep checking our Beers page for an up to date list of the beers we have on tap.

Our Beers

  • Do you do brewery tours?

We do brewery tours on the first and third Saturday of each months, starting at Noon. There are only a limited amount of spots, so check out our Event Calendar to find a day that works for you and to get your ticket.

  • Do you have any gluten free beers?

Unfortunately we do not. The main ingredient in beer is malted barley, which has gluten.

  • Does Invictus distribute their beer?

We are currently in the process of getting kegs of our beer on tap at your local bar/restaurant. In the near future we will also be doing a small amount of 750mL Crowler cans to our local liquor stores. Check the link below to see where you can find us!

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